Plant a Ring was established in 2018 by Dean Gannon, a young Irish carpenter based in Westmeath. Carpentry has been a big part of Deans life as his father is a bespoke carpenter. Naturally, as Dean grew older, he aspired to join his fathers business and learn the craft. Dean believes the craft of woodworking is both versatile and fulfilling, the only thing that played on his mind was the amount of waste timber that accumulated during each project. Dean looked into this a little further and found that in the USA alone, over 1 billion trees worth of waste wood and paper are thrown away each year. The world is destroying trees at a substantial rate and we need these to survive. And so, Plant a Ring was born!

Dean designs and handcrafts each piece individually. Each and every piece is one of a kind due to the unique grain each piece has.

Handmade in Ireland, with the future in mind